MeetU4 Shopping

Supplier & Wholesaler Portals

Allows suppliers to see information provided by your stocking retailers, online and realtime. May include purchase orders, sales and stock levels and price books among others.


The Supplier Portal allows suppliers to interface to retailers from a common location. Retailers can send and receive information to the supplier portal for sharing, and suppliers can upload information once for all retailers and distributors.

The Portal itself can be used actively as a web based application, or statically as a way of sharing documents easily using automatic feeds. Using a portal means that you don't need to create a seperate connection for every retailer/supplier, just one connection each to the portal, saving time, effort and money.

  • Utilise a single account to interact with multiple retailers or suppliers
  • Login as a web based application, or simply configure automatic electronic feeds to suit your needs. Change method at any time without impacting retailers.
  • Receive Purchase Orders
  • Provide ASNs (Advanced Shipping Notices)
  • Provide current PriceBooks in electronic form, saving retailers time and effort. Prices can be included, seperate or maintained per retailer.
  • Provide additional electronic marketing colateral for use by retailers.
  • See sales and stock levels in-store by retailer1.

Note 1. Not all retailers will choose to supply you this information