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Franchise Wide Aggregate Reporting

Realtime automatically aggregated reporting over your complete franchise operation. See sales by product line, store, area - as if all franchisee stores were using a single system.


This is a service for franchisors

This allows franchisors to see each individual transaction from franchisees, and attempts to automatic aggregate similar product lines regardless of differing systems in stores.

  • Combine data from multiple seperate retailers.
  • Automatically aggregate data where possible - joins different databases despite differences between them and creates a single unified view for reporting.
  1. Stores upload data to the Meetu4 Engine
  2. The Meetu4 system joins related information from different stores
  3. The statistics engine then merges, averages, totals all available information
  4. Results are available 24/7, near realtime
  5. Complete aggregate data dumps available for loading to your own internal systems, or use our online reports


$95/month per Reporting Unit, where a reporting unit is capable of holding
  • 20 stores
  • 4 Million sales/year
  • Single Active reporting user

If you have 1 active reporting user, 20 stores and less than 4 million sales/year, it is just $95/month.

» Custom Report Creation is available, charged seperately.